Benefits of Wearing Crystal Jewellery

Benefits of Wearing Crystal Jewellery

♥ Wearing crystals is an ancient spiritual practice that promotes healing through the crystal’s vibrations. This practice has been used since the beginning of recorded history, and is widely used throughout various cultures, religions, and traditions.

♥ Benefits of Wearing Healing Crystals

There are several well-known benefits of wearing and using crystals, accepted by many people and spiritual practitioners globally.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Enhancing your physical, emotional, and mental well-being by affecting your energy points (or Chakras) and your aura.
  • Protecting the wearer from negativity, including low vibrational thinking or thought patterns, or protecting you from people who may otherwise deplete you of your precious energy.
  • Connecting you to your intuition, higher self, and spirit guides.
  • If you feel stuck or in a rut, crystals can be a great means in order to break out of your norm.

♥ How to Use Crystals

With anything, it’s all about how you use it and intention is the key word for crystals. Many crystal healers suggest that the wearer or user consciously decide what it is they are seeking from the crystal. With this clear image in the forefront of your mind, enter into a meditative state and chant your mantra. If, for example, you are looking to manifest your next adventure, saying something like, “Please guide me to my next big steps” into an apatite stone will bind the apatite to your intention.


It is also important to regularly cleanse your crystals once they’ve fulfilled your needs. To do so, simply leave them outside in the light of the next full moon. If the full moon is too far away, you can opt to wash them in salt water or cleanse them with a saging ritual.

♥ Why Crystal Jewellery?

Because crystals work closely with your energy points (or Chakras), wearing them on your body enables them to more effectively cultivate your crystalline needs. Crystals can act like sponges, soaking up residue from your emotions, thoughts, or happenings through the day. Wearing them ensures they are always working with you, and can serve as gentle reminders of your intentions.

♥ Examples of Uses

If you are looking for an intuition boost, amethyst is said to be most effective close to the head or face, as it works with the 8th Chakra, or the Crown Chakra. We would suggest a pair of amethyst earrings, or a necklace decorated with the stone, for best use in this case.


Perhaps you are hoping to bring more balance to your life and promote your own energy, in which case, wearing clear quartz around your neck would be a great start. Quartz works with all of your Chakras to promote harmony and spiritual attunement.

 Or maybe you need some protection from negative energies in your life! This is where the grounding energy of fluorite should be worn near the face to work with the higher Chakras to neutralize energy and stress. 

♥ Is Crystal Jewellery for Me?

 The versatility of crystalline energy makes them useful for just about anyone. Whether you are looking to manifest monetary wealth, to cleanse your energy of negativity, or promote connection to your highest self, crystals can greatly aid in your journey. Intentionally wearing crystals on your body allows them to work intimately with your energies, desires, and energy points, enabling them to cultivate your needs most effectively.  

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