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Crystal Gift Box | CHAMPAGNE (WEDDING)

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♥ This crystal set was designed to encourage the growth of love and commitment between two people. A committed relationship is HARD WORK and takes patience, love and grace. Give this unique gift for a wedding, union ceremony, or an anniversary to warm the hearts and lives of the happy couple. Cheers!

♥ Jade ♥ Rainbow Moonstone ♥ Rhodonite ♥ Rose Quartz

 All crystals are hand picked and packaged by a tiny but mighty team of women in Crystal & Pine office in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Please be aware that as a natural product of the Earth, each crystal varies in shape and size and may differ from the images shown on the website.

DISCLAIMER — No medical claims or substitution for medical treatment are associated to the crystals included with our products. The properties described to each crystal may or may not be experienced, depending on end user. Crystal & Pine accepts no responsibility or liability for the experiences achieved with the crystals included or the effectiveness of the products sold herein.

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