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Delicate Turquoise & Gold Earrings

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Turquoise enamel disc and gold plated brass earrings.

♥ The combination of turquoise and gold creates a striking and luxurious palette. Turquoise, a calming and refreshing hue, beautifully complements the opulence of gold. This pairing exudes elegance, balancing the vibrancy of turquoise with the richness of gold, making it a timeless and sophisticated choice.

 ♥ Circles symbolize unity, wholeness, and cycles in various cultures and contexts. With no beginning or end, they represent eternity and the interconnectedness of life. The symmetry of circles embodies balance, while their continuous form signifies harmony and the cyclical nature of existence. In symbolism, circles often convey a sense of completeness, perfection, and the eternal flow of energy.


*Material & Colour : enamel charms and gold plated brass hooks

Please note:

 I try to capture the colour to the best of my abilities, but it might also be affected by the calibration of your screen.

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